Before Nicki Minaj and Keyshia Kaoir made wigs fun and cool, there was me wearing my wig. My hair loss issues began at age 15 and it messed with me….hardcore. My mom and my sister have always had a head full of hair so to this day, I just never understood why it was only me who dealt with hair loss in my family. Fast forward to the second semester of my freshman year in college, my hair loss had gotten so bad that I NEEDED to wear a wig.I decided to splurge and ordered a human hair wig. This was 2010 so the world of wigs was in a completely different place. My wig didn’t have any clips or even an elastic band to help it stay on. I ended up buying a clear glue to keep my wig in place and let’s just say it was a mess. I’ll never forget walking into my college cafeteria and watching people’s faces and hearing them laugh. I was pissed I had spent so much money on that human hair wig just to be made fun of. After more research, I found a cute synthetic wig that didn’t cost me nearly the amount of money I had spent on my human hair wig. It was on! Although it was devastating to continue watching my hair thin out and just stop growing all together, I continued to trudge through life and do what I needed to do. After realizing that wigs were going to always be a part of my life, I started finding the fun in having to wear them. This is where my online obsession with buying wigs began. Thank goodness for YouTube where I was able to connect with other women who did reviews and gave insight on how to style them. While I really did enjoy shopping for wigs online, I worked a 9-5 and had a baby. So I was busy busy. This means the inevitable happened...I wore my wigs until they were busted and disgusted. No really! I was notorious for slicking a wig back into a bun when it started to tangle or mat. When this happened, I had to run to my local beauty supply store and buy a wig. Let’s keep it real. Wigs in-store are hella expensive and the customer service isn’t exactly 5 stars. Then January 2019 I was laid off from my job at an advertising agency. Since the age of 14, I had been working so being unemployed terrified me in a way that I had never experienced. All of a sudden I had no income for myself or my two year old son. It was then that the idea for Hair To Door was born. I don’t leave the house without my wig so I know that there is someone else out there who can’t leave the house without theirs. If this is you, check out Hair To Door. Subscribe today to get the wigs that you want at your doorstep every month! Hair To Door is a $39.99 wig subscription where subscribers can choose from a variety of synthetic wigs every month. The wig is yours to keep forever and covers your shipping costs. I created Hair To Door for women like me: working professionals who need a wig for convenience, hair loss, and crave variety in their hair styles.